Discounted Lyft to the polls

Published in on November 7, 2022

Just before the upcoming mid-term elections, Lyft, a ride sharing services company announces it will offer ride redemption codes valued up to 50% of the cost of a ride to and from voting locations (up to a maximum of $10). The code can be used for discounted rideshare, as well as bike and scooter rides, making it as easy as possible for anyone and everyone to vote.

Riders can preload the code by going to VOTE22 at:  by going here before Election Day for the discount code that gets applied to their ride to the polls on November 8th. When you request the Code, you have to put in your cell phone number – then you will receive a text giving you a link to download the Lyft app. Codes will be available to be used during voting hours in every time zone. Riders must have the Lyft app on their phone – you can download it wherever you download applications to your phone – or in the apps of one of the participating local bikeshare systems – or follow the link you’ll get by going to VOTE 22 link.

According to Lyft, the company’s Voting Access program was created to address real transportation barriers:  In 2016, an estimated 15 million people registered to vote but didn’t do so because of transportation issues. 

Other studies also confirmed that transportation issues keep people from voting. A study from 2020 found that individuals without access to a car vote at significantly lower rates than those who have one. These barriers are faced by individuals across the demographic spectrum from young to older voters.  An estimated 11.2 million seniors have travel-limiting disabilities that make it difficult to leave home. And 29% of young voters surveyed by Harvard University said they didn’t vote because they didn’t have a ride.

These numbers are even more severe for young people of color, who are 30% more likely to cite transportation as a barrier to voting than young white people. 

Lyft’s initiative is part of the company’s broader 2022 LyftUp Voting Access Program, first introduced last February.

When Lyft initially announced its LyftUp Voting Access Program on Feb. 22, 2022, the San Francisco-based called for strong federal legislation to counter the numerous campaigns nationwide to restrict voting rights. “That’s why we are part of the Business for Voting Rights coalition and have activity supported the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act, which would provide federal voting protections for all.  Lyft is firmly opposed to any laws limiting voting by mail, reducing the number of days people can vote, or pushing any other restrictions on access for eligible voters — particularly those disproportionately impacting Black and Brown communities,” noted the statement announcing this new private sector voting initiative. 

According to Lyft, through the 2022 LyftUp Voting Access Program, the company will provide access to discounted rides on Election Day (Tuesday, November 8, 2022) across the nation.  The company will also donate free or heavily discounted ride codes to nonprofit partners whose communities traditionally face barriers when getting to the polls. Partners include, but are not limited to: League of Women Voters, National Federation of the Blind, Warrior Scholar Project, National Council on Aging, Voto Latino Foundation, Asian and Pacific Islander American Vote (APIAVote), and NAACP. These partners will distribute ride codes directly to people in their networks whom they identify as most in need of transportation. 

In addition, Lyft says it will also work with partners like When We All Vote,, and the Civic Alliance to help riders and team members register and prepare to vote. The company will also provide relevant information and guidance to drivers who earn on the Lyft platform about registering to vote on time and when, where and how to vote during each stage of the election.

“Older adults want to participate in our democracy, but many do not have transportation to get to polling stations,” said Ransey Alwin, NCOA president and CEO.

Lyft’s Voting Access Program will help ensure that older adults have access to transportation necessary to make their voices heard where it matters—at the voting booth,” says Alwin.

“We believe that everyone’s voice—and vote—deserves to be heard, and transportation should never be a barrier,” said Lyft’s Director of Social Impact Lisa Boyd.

Using Lyft Voting Access Ride Codes

The Lyft promo code can be used for rides to and from voting polls. The ride code below covers a value of up to 50% of the total cost, up to $10 maximum, to polling stations. It is valid from 5am and 8pm. There are no location restrictions, and the voting access ride codes are valid through Election Day (Tuesday, November 8, 2022).

NOTE: Local candidates usually have convenient assistance to take voters to the polls – call your local senator or rep or candidate for help.

If you know you’ll need help with transportation on voting day – plan now for how you will get there!


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