Areas of Expertise

815 articles written or co-authored by Herb Weiss have been printed in an impressive variety of publications, including the field’s most respected voices. Spanning more than 40 categories, these articles, published between 1980 and 2022, have covered essentially every facet of aging issues.

Categories of Published Articles on Aging Issues

Activity Therapy                               Medicaid

Advance Directives                          Medicare

AIDS                                                   National/State/Local Aging Groups

Alternative Medicine                         Newspapers

Banking                                              Nursing Homes

Business                                             Nursing Shortage

Caregivers                                         Older Americans Act

Congress                                           Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act

Consumer Issues                              Ownership

Courts                                                Patient Care Planning

Elder Abuse                                       Payment

Elections                                            Pharmaceuticals

Health Care Reform                         Quality Assurance

Health & Wellness                            Retirement

Home Health Care                            Rhode Island General Assembly

Housing                                              Senior Centers

Infection Control                              Social Security

Internet                                              Spirituality

Leisure                                               Training

Long-Term Care Insurance              Travel

Management                                      Veterans

Marketing to Seniors


Mental Health

Complete Listing of Published Articles, by Category

Activity Therapy

“Pawtucket95 Arts Festival Has Attractions for Both Young and Old,” The Pawtucket Times,

September 1, 2003, p. A5.

“Activity Programming Brings New Life to Nursing Facilities,” The Pawtucket Times,

September 24, 2001, p. A4.

“Program Shows It’s Never Too Late To Become Artistic,” The Pawtucket Times,

November 12, 2001, p. A5.

“Art’s a Good Scene for Young, Old Alike,” The Pawtucket Times, August 27, 2001, p. A4.

“Day Services Help Seniors Stay at Home,” The Pawtucket Times, May 7, 2001, p. A5.

“Long Life With Quality,” Contemporary LTC,” July 1985, p. 1.

“Ann Salutes…Sister Pat Murphy,” Aging Network News, February 1989, p. 9.

Advance Directives

“Families Encouraged To Prepare Advanced Directives,” Long-Term Care Administrator,

August 1990, p. 3.


“Federal Agency Protects AIDS Patients’ Right to Nursing-Home Care,”

           Long-Term Care Administrator, October 1990, p. 3.

“Coping With Aids in Long-Term Care,” Aging Network News, September 1985, p. 1.


Alternative Medicine

“Seniors Turn To Acupuncture To Treat Age-Related Illness,” The Pawtucket Times,

April 30, 2001, p. A4.

“Internationally Renowned Medicine Man John ‘Rolling Thunder’ Pope Crosses Over,”

Shaman’s Drum, No. 45, June 1997, p. 16.

“Health Care Providers More Accepting of Alternative Therapies,” Pathways,

Spring 1994, p. 53.

“Alternative Therapies Offer New Answers,” McKnight’s LTC News, January 1994, p. 22.

“NIH Grantees To Study Prayer, Yoga, and More,” New Age Journal,

January/February 1994, p. 22.

“Feds Move To Study Effectiveness of Alternative Medical Practices,” Pathways,

Winter 1993, p. 46.

“New Office of Alternative Medicine Juggles a Variety of Projects,” Pathways,

Summer 1993, p. 7.

“Congress Puts Alternative Medical Therapies Under a Microscope,” Pathways,

Spring 1993, p. 25.

“NIH Surveys Healing Options,” New Age Journal, March/April 1993, p. 24.



“AARP Helps Seniors Seek Out Deals for Checking Accounts,” The Pawtucket Times,

January 7, 2002, p. A5.

“Congress Bolsters Ailing S&L’s: Takes Steps To Protect Customers,”

           AARP New Bulletin, September 1987, p. 6.


“Age Discrimination, Workplace Issues at House Hearing,”, March 22,                                         2021.

“AARP Says Age Discrimination Robs $850 Billion From Nation’s Economy, Woonsocket Call,

February 9, 2020, p. C2.

“AARP Takes a Look at ‘Value of Experience’ of Older Workers,” Woonsocket Call,

August 12, 2018, p. C2.

“Women Capable of Changing Corporate Culture With Effective Communication,”

          Woonsocket Call, March 11, 2018, p. C3.

“Assistance to Employee Caregivers Good for Everyone’s Bottom Line,” Woonsocket Call,

June 11, 2017, p. C2.

“Survival Story: Former Business Owner Overcomes Devastating Setbacks,” Senior Digest,

April 2016, p. 1.

“Experienced Workers To Seek Greener Pastures,” Woonsocket Call, January 23, 2016, p. C2.

“AARP Study Clears Up Misconceptions,” The Pawtucket Times, May 4, 2015, p. A5.

“Study: Citizens Over Age 50 Not Drain on Economy,” The Pawtucket Times, October 10, 2014,

  1. A4.


“AARP Concerned for Working Caregivers,”, August 9, 2021.

“Study: One in Five Americans Unpaid Caregiver,” Woonsocket Call, May 17, 2020, p. C2.

“AARP Launches Campaign To Support Family Caregivers,”, July 5, 2021.

“Uncompensated Cost of Caregivers Is a Whopping $478 Billion,” Woonsocket Call,

November 17, 2019, p. C2.

“Caregivers Find It Difficult To Shop at Retail Stores,” Woonsocket Call, September 22, 2019,

  1. C2.


“Caregivers Flying Blind in Providing Complex Medical and Nursing Care, Woonsocket Call,

April 21, 2019, p. C2.

“Caregivers Taking Care of Persons with Dementia Have Unique Needs,” Woonsocket Call,

December 9, 2018, p. C.2.

“2050 and the Caregiver Dilemma,” Woonsocket Call, April 22, 2018, p. C2.

“Report Hones In on Caregiver Costs,” Woonsocket Call, November 20, 2016, p. D1.

“New Study Looks at Better Ways To Instruct Caregivers,” Woonsocket Call,

October 1, 2016, p. C2.

“New Approach To Support Caregivers Needed,” Woonsocket Call, September 18, 2016, p. C2.

“New Uniform Act Good News for Rhode Island Caregivers,” Woonsocket Call,

November 29, 2015, p. C2.

“Unpaid Caregiver Care Saves State Money,” Woonsocket Call, July 26, 2015, p. C5.

“Report: Caregivers Face Personal and Professional Challenges,” The Pawtucket Times,

October 3, 2014, p. A4.

“When Liquidating the Contents of Your Childhood Home,” The Pawtucket Times,                                                                       March 29, 2013, p. A4.

“Tale of Two Caregivers,” The Pawtucket Times, October 5, 2012, p. A4.

“Caregivers Must Not Forget Their Own Needs,” The Pawtucket Times, June 8, 2012, p. A4.

“Keeping Tabs On Your Wandering Parent,” All Pawtucket All the Time, August 20, 2008. page?

“Agency Offers Hope,” Senior Digest, November 2006, p. 1.

“Study Finds Caregiving Becomes Second Job for Many,” The Pawtucket Times, April 12, 2004,

  1. A4.

“An Aging Baby Boomer’s Reflections on Losing a Parent,” The Pawtucket Times,

December 29, 2003, p. A4.

“AARP Report: Grandparents Need Aid in Raising Grandchildren,” The Pawtucket Times,

January 19, 2004, p. A4.

“Program Helps Identify Wanderers with Alzheimer’s Disease, The Pawtucket Times,

November 17, 2003, p. A4.

“AARP Report Sheds Light On Needs of Older Disabled Persons,” The Pawtucket Times,

May 26, 2003, p. A4.

“Despite Hardships, Caregiving Yields Unanticipated Gifts,” The Pawtucket Times,

September 2, 2002, p. A5.

“Grandparents Take an Active Role in Parenting and Caregiving,” The Pawtucket Times,

August 12, 2002, p. A8.

“Supporting Respite-Care Proposal Is a No-Brainer,” The Pawtucket Times, August 5, 2002,

  1. A5.

“Study: Communication Gap Exists Between Elderly and Their Children,” The Pawtucket Times,

May 21, 2001, p. A5.


“Senator Bob Dole’s Legacy- Putting Nation Over Politics,” RINewsToday, December 7,


“End Filibuster and Use Federal Government to Secure Elections, The Pawtucket times,

October 4, 2021, p. A4.

“House Budget Resolution – Seniors Would Benefit,”, August 30, 2021.

“Gray Voting Blocks Watching Congress,”, September 24, 2021.

“A Call for House Dems To Bring Back House Aging Committee,”,

August 16, 2021.

“Seniors Would Benefit in President Biden’s $6 Trillion Budget,”,

June 14, 2021.

“Cicilline Moves To Re-establish the House Permanent Select Committee on Aging,”, May 10, 2021.

“Whitehouse Pushes for COVID-19 Senate Proposal to Protect Residents, Employees,”

The Pawtucket Times, March 1, 2021, p. A4.

“Cicilline Pushes for House Aging Committee,” The Pawtucket Times, January 4, 2021, p. A4.

“Democrats Will Have To Compromise If They Lose Georgia Senate Run-Off,”

          The Pawtucket Times, December 7, 2020, p. A4.

“Cicilline Hopes Dems Take Senate,” The Pawtucket Times, November 9, 2020, p. A4.

“Bill Protects Nursing-Home Residents, Providers,” Woonsocket Call, May 31, 2020, p. C2.

“Senate Aging Committee Tackles COVID-19’s Devastating Impact on Seniors,”

          Woonsocket Call, May 24, 2020, p. C6.

“LCAO Calls for Fourth Stimulus Bill To Protect the Health and Well-Being of Seniors,”

Woonsocket Call, April 19, 2020, p. C2.

“Congress Must Protect Seniors in ‘Phase Four’ Stimulus Package,” Woonsocket Call,

April 12, 2020, p. C2.

“In Re-establishing House Aging Committee, Hopefully the Third Time Is Indeed the Charm,”

Woonsocket Call, February 2, 2020, p. C2.

“Democratic House Passes Landmark Legislation To Drive Down Spiraling Prescription Drug

Costs,” Woonsocket Call, December 16, 2019, p. C2.

“House Committee Moves To Rein in Prescription Costs,” Woonsocket Call, December 1, 2019,

  1. D1.

“Reauthorization of AOA Now in the Senate’s Hands,” Woonsocket Call, November 10, 2019,

  1. C2.

“Report on Falls, Injuries Released,” Woonsocket Call, October 20, 2019, p. D1.

“Nursing-Home Care in the Spotlight,” Woonsocket Call, August 4, 2019, p. C2.

“Senators Seek To Identify Subpar Nursing Homes,” Woonsocket Call, July 14, 2019, p. C2.

“GAO, Congress Urge Better Disaster Response for Seniors, Disabled,” Woonsocket Call,

June 23, 2019, p. C2.

“Senators Collins, Casey, Pushing for Reauthorization of Older Americans Act,”

          Woonsocket Call, May 19, 2019, p. C2.

“Attacking Rising Prescription Drug Costs,” Woonsocket Call, April 7, 2019, p. C2.

“AARP Launches Media Campaign, Calls on Congress To Lower Drug Costs,” Woonsocket Call,

March 31, 2019, p. C2.

“Trump’s Spending Priorities Would Fray Social Safety-Net Programs,” Woonsocket Call,

March 17, 2019, p. C2.

“Congress Gears Up Its Legislative Efforts in Its Fight Against Age Discrimination,”

Woonsocket Call, March 3, 2019, p. C2.

“Government Shutdown Is Hurting Seniors, Too,” The Pawtucket Times, January 21, 2019,

  1. A3.

“New Report Details Ways To Improve Guardianship System In U.S., Woonsocket Call,

December 2, 2018, p. D1.

“AARP Survey Gives a Snapshot of Midterm Election Results,” Woonsocket Call,

November 25, 2018, p. C2.

“Go Ahead and Call It a Comeback: Cicilline Seeks To Reintroduce Resolution To Re-establish

House Aging Committee, Woonsocket Call, November 18, 2018, p. D1.

“Midterm Elections Are Here: Your Vote Sends a Message to Congress,” Woonsocket Call,

November 4, 2018, p. C2.

“Democrats Put High Drug Costs on Radar Screen,” Woonsocket Call, September 30, 2018,

  1. C2.

“Dems Listening to Calls To Strengthen and Expand Social Security, Medicare,”

          Woonsocket Call, September 23, 2018, p. C2.

“Senate Spending Bill Increases Research Dollars To Combat Alzheimer’s Disease,”

          Woonsocket Call, August 26, 2018, p. C2.

“Calls for Strengthening Medicare As It Hits 53,” Woonsocket Call, August 5, 2018, p. C2.

“GOP House Budget Frays Nation’s Safety Net,” Woonsocket Call, June 24, 2018, p. C2.

“A Bipartisan Retread Needed To Ensure Solvency of Social Security, Medicare,”

           Woonsocket Call, June 10, 2018, p. C2.

“Trump Signs Legislation To Undo Nation’s Banking Rules,” Woonsocket Call,

May 27, 2018, p. C2.

“House Fails To Pass GOP’s Balanced Budget Amendment,” Woonsocket Call, April 15, 2018,

  1. C2.

“Trump’s Budget Proposal Comes ‘Dead on Arrival’ to Aging Groups,” Woonsocket Call,

February 18, 2018, p. C2.

“Older Americans To Benefit From Bipartisan Budget Act,” Woonsocket Call,

February 11, 2018, p. C2.

“Aging Groups Fear That Deficit May Lead to Attack on Entitlement Programs,”

          Woonsocket Call, January 21, 2018, p. C2.

“Congress Passes RAISE Family Caregivers Act,” Woonsocket Call, January 14, 2018, p. C2.

“Medicare Takes a Hit Under GOP’s Major Tax Plan Fix,” Woonsocket Call,

December 10, 2017, p. C2.

“Aging Groups: House GOP Tax Rewrite a Turkey,” Woonsocket Call, November 19, 2017,

  1. D1.

“Senate Aging Panel Calls for Improved Emergency Preparation and Response,”

           Woonsocket Call, October 8, 2017, p. C2.

“Senate Republicans Pushing To Vote on Latest Health Care Proposal Next Week,”

           Woonsocket Call, September 24, 2017, p. C2.

“Time To Pass the RAISE Family Caregiver Act,” The Pawtucket Times, September 18, 2017,

  1. C2.

“On Taking a Stand Against Racism and Anti-Semitism,” Woonsocket Call, August 27, 2017,

  1. C2.

“Three Republicans Derail ‘Skinny Repeal’ Maneuvers,” Woonsocket Call, July 30, 2017, p. C2.

“This Plan Calls for Privatization of Medicare,” The Pawtucket Times, July 24, 2017, p. A5.

“Health-Care Conundrum Lingers On,” Woonsocket Call, July 9, 2017, p C2.

“Trump Budget Could Eventually Hurt Seniors,” Woonsocket Call, June 4, 2017, p. C5.

“CBO Numbers Say GOP Health Plan Benefits Young, Healthy, Not Seniors,” Woonsocket Call,

May 28, 2017, p. C3.

“Experts Say Isolation, Loneliness Impacting More Older Americans,” Woonsocket Call,

April 30, 2017, p. C5.

“Health Care Proposal Pulled at Last Moment,” Woonsocket Call, March 26, 2017, p. C2.

“Trump Budget Proposal Makes Draconian Cuts to Aging Programs,” Woonsocket Call,

March 19, 2017, p. C2.

“House GOP Leadership Puts Health Care on Fast-Track,” Woonsocket Call, March 12, 2017,

  1. C2.

“Cicilline: Let’s Bring.Back the House Select Committee on Aging,” Woonsocket Call,

March 5, 2017, p. C2.

“Search for GOP Senators To Protect Medicare,” Woonsocket Call, January 29, 2017, p. C2.

“Can Nation Survive Trump and GOP’s Control of Capitol Hill?” Woonsocket Call,

January 8, 2017, p. 4.

“LTC Needs To Be on Candidates’ Radar Screen,” Woonsocket Call, May 29, 2016, p. C5.

“It’s Up to the President and His Pen: Older Americans Act (OAA) Reauthorization Bill Goes to  Obama for Signing,” Woonsocket Call, April 10, 2016, p. D2.

“Calling on Congress To Increase Alzheimer’s Funding,” The Pawtucket Times,

February 22, 2016,  p. A5.

“Obama’s Budget DOA, Thanks to GOP Gridlock,” Woonsocket Call, February 14, 2016, p. A5.

“Cicilline Spearheading Key Comeback: Rep. Wants To Re-establish House Select Committee

on Aging,” Woonsocket Call, December 20, 2015, p. C5.

“New Budget Deal Protects Seniors’ Pocketbooks, Woonsocket Call, November 1, 2015, p. C5.

“With Stiff Medicare Hike, SS Recipients Thirsty for COLAs, Woonsocket Call,

October 18, 2015, p. C5.

“President’s Budget Addresses Issues of Importance to Seniors,” The Pawtucket Times,

February 27, 2015, p. A4.

“GAO Study Reports New Trends Push Older Women into Poverty,” The Pawtucket Times,

March 7, 2014, p. 4.

“Poll Calls Upon Congress To Do “the People’s Work,” The Pawtucket Times,

January 10, 2014,  p. A4.

“Gridlock Threatens Elder Programs, Services,” The Pawtucket Times, October 11, 2013, p. A4.

“Aging Groups Consider Obama’s ’14 Budget Plan a Mixed Bag,” April 21, 2013,

Woonsocket Call, p. A4.

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“The Political Art of Compromising,” The Pawtucket Times, August 3, 2012, p. A4.

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December 2005, p.1.

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June 23, 2003, p. B2.

“Bush’s ‘Just Guns, No Butter’ Policy Hurts Senior Programs,” The Pawtucket Times,

March 31, 2003, p. A4.

“Bush Budget Falls Short on Fixing Medicare Drug Coverage,” The Pawtucket Times,

February 17, 2003, p. B2.

“Former Senator Moss’ Advocacy Commitment Will Be Missed,” The Pawtucket Times,

February 3, 2003, p. A4.

“Aging Programs Get Slashed in Bush’s War Budget,” The Pawtucket Times,

February 18, 2002,  p. A5.

“Bipartisan Support Key to Congressional Success, Experts Say,” Balance,

March/April 2001, p. 4.

“Debate Over a Medicare Prescription Benefit Gains Momentum on Capitol Hill,”

            Balance, May/June 2000, p. 4.

“Election Year May Stall Many Clinton Proposals,” Balance, March/April 2000, p. 4.

“Clinton’s State of Union Speech Gives Good News to Aging Baby Boomers,” Balance,

March/April 1999. p. 2.

“As 105th Session Ends, Congress Passes Massive Omnibus Spending Bill,”

            Balance, December 1998, p. 4.

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“New Database Designed To Fight Health Care Fraud,” Medical Product Sales,

May 1998, p. 3.

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“Top LTC Journalist Gives Views on 105th Congress,” Long-Term Care Administrator,

December 1996, p. 3.

“Rhode Island WHCoA Delegates Help Set Future Aging Agenda,”

RIHCA’s Health Care Report,” September 1995.

“Conference Delegates Warn Against Entitlement Cuts,” McKnight’s Long-Term Care News,

July 1995.

“White House Conference on Aging Addresses Medicare, Social Security, Prescription Drug

Coverage,” LTC Pharmacist, June 1995, p. 1.

“ACHCA Members Bring Expertise to WHCoA Event,” Long-Term Care Administrator,

June 1995, p. 3.

“GOP Prepares To Put Its Stamp on 104th Congress,” Home Health Care Pharmacist,

January 1995, p. 1.

“Republicans Gain Their Chance To Run Congress,” McKnight’s Long-Term Care News,

January 1995, p. 3.

“Kushner Talks About Senior Issues,” Senior Times, October 1994, p. 6.

“Any Willing Provider Gaining Some Ground,” McKnight’s Medical Products Services,

September 1994, p. 64.

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September 1994, p. 2.

“Democratic Caucus Reforms Would Weaken House Aging Panel,”

            Long-Term Care Administrator, December/January 1992/93, p. 3.

“Groups Set Legislative Agendas for 102nd Congress,” Long-Term Care Administrator,

February 1991, p. 3.

“Thorpe Talks About Legislative Issues in 102nd Congress,”

            Long-Term Care Administrator, January 1990, p. 3.

“Pepper Commission Looks at LTC,” Long-Term Care Administrator,

September 1990, p. 3.

“The Pepper Commission,” Aging Network News, April 1990, p. 3.

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April 1990, p. 3.

“Pepper Commission To Set Health Care Agenda in the 1990s,”

            Long-Term Care Administrator, February 1990, p. 3.

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Consumer Issues


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Elder Abuse

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